What I Do, and How Much It Costs

These are the main services I build my business around. For long-term clients, I can help with additional administrative tasks related to the main services. Prices listed on this page are rough estimates and are subject to changes based on project scope, urgency, etc. I prefer fixed prices, which I'll propose when I know the full scope of the project.

Content Strategy

Detailed plan for your content. From brainstorming topics to publishing different forms of content on a pre-defined schedule.

Starting from €500 for websites up to 250 pages

Content Audit

If you are in a business for some time, there are good chances that you have outdated content. During content audit, I’ll collect all your content in one place and help you decide what to keep, delete, improve, or repurpose.

Starting from €500/month for publishing up to 5 times/month

Content Planning

When planning content, I take into account the type of the content, the time of the week for each content. I’ll brainstorm ideas, and schedule chosen ones in a content calendar and plan and monitor their execution.

Starting from €500/persona based on nonempirical research

User Persona Research

Knowing your user is the crucial part of content strategy. You may also know it as buyer persona - I’ll research and help you in defining your ideal user, and give you directions how to use personas to plan and execute content effectively.

Starting from €250/page, and
€500/landing page

Web Copy

In today’s world, websites are your products’ and services’ CV. It is also essential for business growth. I’ll write the website copy or landing pages that target your audience, and present your business in a best possible light.

Technical Writing

Technical writing is a writing that requires familiarity with a particular subject, that requires direction, instruction or explanation in details. Also, it often includes interviews with SMEs (Subject Matter Experts). The writing style differs from creative writing and copywriting, although it can have some elements in it (e.g. in articles).

Starting from €500/page

White Papers

White paper is a document targeting investors, executives, or very important business partner. The goal is to explain the situation on the market and highlight changes that your solution, product or service bring on the table. I’ll do extensive research, find valid references and put a lot of effort to create a white paper. You can’t afford to end with a pamphlet-like result.

Starting from €1000/project with up to 10 user guides or tutorials

Help Center

The help center covers all FAQs that potential or existing users ask and also includes a link to user guides and tutorials about your product. In the process of attracting new users, many companies forget about the existing ones. I’ll help you implement it in the way that shows you care about existing users as much as new ones. This can also reduce your churn rate.

Starting from €500/project for up to 15 screens/wireframes

UX Writing

UX writing, also known as microcopy, covers all the messages in your applications - texts on buttons, error messages, explanation of a function, etc. I’ll make your product look professional, that your messages follow a certain flow, and I’ll help you improve the overall user experience.

Starting from €250/800-1000 words

Tech Articles

Having an active blog or articles on other media that mention your company’s name or features is an important part that builds your credibility. This also includes articles in the form of tutorials.

Why Work With Me

If you read to this part, congratulations! You now know more about services I offer and how they can benefit you. If you didn’t already do it, check “about me” page to learn who am I, how much experience I have and what working with me looks like when it comes to content strategy and writing processes. Here are additional things I consider important for you to know before you hit that “hire me” button.


I never accepted to work on a project, took deposit and then disappeared or ghosted the client. Even if something goes south while working with me, you can expect sincere communication on my side.


I understand that no project is the same. When working with me, you can expect flexibility to your project needs, clear boundaries on what I can and can’t do, and pointers where I might need additional help.

Easy Payment

I am using the most popular payment processors like PayPal, Payoneer and TransferWise. You can also pay me via wire transfer. Additionally, I use Upwork, if you prefer the perks of the platform.

No Additional Costs

I am self employed. This means you don’t have to worry about taxes, vacations, sick leave, etc, like you would for a full-time employee.

A Word From My Clients

The best image of my work is painted by clients’ testimonials. Here is what they say:

What I've Already Done

Thought the years, I worked with many clients on various types of content and across different industries. Here are some numbers that are part of my experience.

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