Let’s Make Significant Progress Together!

I am glad you are interested in hiring me. I am doing my best to make every client feel like my only client, and I am approaching every project with 100% attention. If interested in my working processes, check out the “about page”.

The Hiring Process

To make the above happen, there is a process I follow for each project.

1. Fill the Form

The first step in the process is to fill out the form below. These answers help me learn more about you and your initial needs.

2. Initial Communication

We will communicate via emails or call for me to get additional information and for you to learn in which capacity I am available to help you.

3. Proposal

I’ll send you a written custom proposal of services I can provide, with multiple options, so you can choose the option you like the most.

4. Contract

A contract based on the accepted proposal, signed electronically on both sides.

5. Payments

50% of agreed sum payed in advance, and other payments on the schedule specified in the contract.

6. Follow-ups

Reports or 15-min calls with of the project status defined in the contract to answer each other's questions, and touch base.

The Form

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